Week 9 Update

Last Week, the most proactive week.

What I did?

1) Managed to get bi-disperse and poly-disperse 3D plotting worked.

2) Update GUI with more useful input and output.

3) Create a logo for my program

Pictures say a thousand words.

Let’s see

GUI Update

By myselfpsl90

3D plotting Working

Finally, 3D plotting is working on my GUI!

So Happy!!!

Able to generate A lot of particles, tested with 1000 particles, the stimulation take up to 15 minutes only! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!

By myselfpsl90

Latest Basic GUI

This is the latest GUI i created using enable function.

Basically when using choice type of system, the box for type of sytem will match with the users’ choice.


By myselfpsl90

Week 7

Keep emailing the Rappture Team.

However, i got no replies at all, maybe they are too busy with the summer project.

My graduate mentor is on vacation.

I keep working on enable function, got it done.

Now waiting for 3D plotting stuff only.

By myselfpsl90

Week 6

Ishan is out of town this week.

Basically this week i just update the code with the modified code Ishan gave me into rappture.

I contact Ishan and rappture team to speed up the 3D plotting.

I am still waiting for their reply.

Nothing much i did this week.


By myselfpsl90

Tuesday Update Week 5

Monday, basically this is a recap on using Rappture toolkit.

I met with George again to get the update on the 3D plotting and makefile.

He promised to get back to me as soon as possible.


I met with Ishan again to get the update code, basically the code is running on linux platform but not on windows platform.

Back to home i install Ubuntu 12.04 using Wubi.

I customize my Ubuntu by doing 25 things to do after installing Ubuntu 12.04.

First I used Ubuntu desktop environment and I install R2012a Matlab but I tried some many configurations, up to 1 day. I didn’t stop working on making it working. But i failed. I read online, change it through terminal, as i am quite new to linux platform, i guess i just messed up the platform.

On the second day (Thursday), i uninstall the Ubuntu, try to read more online. Find example.

Finally i decided to install R2011a on Xubuntu desktop environment.

Xubuntu run way smoother than ubuntu. I didn’t customize a lot like i did for Ubuntu, just install flash player and install xfce.

Then i downloaded Matlab R2011a.

The progress went smoothly.

Below are the steps i took to install the Matlab R2011a

i) i mount the image file of matlab using the mount availability in 12.04.

ii) i follow the steps for documentation for matlab and ubuntu


except for gcc

I tried to install gcc-4.3 but not package installation.

FYI, the version installed in Xubuntu is 4.7.

Thus, i install gcc-4.4

and Replace all text in .sh to 4.4.

I regret of doing that. I should have just Replace the text with .sh 4.7 instead of doing all the configuration. It should work as well.

Installing, testing, configuring, etc, those took my beauty sleep.

I think I’m still a newbie in linux system. Learning from mistakes is a learning process.

I guess i would be able to install R2012a as well, but downloading those 5gbs file take a long time. Maybe in the future i will do that.

Besides, i succeeded in creating custom icons for it as well. Hooray!

My conclusion of Linux platform is it is like Rooted Android Platform and Windows is like IOS.

In addition, i have the chance to update the code while waiting the download to complete through nanohub website which is a pain.

The codes go on infinite looping which i dunno why. i will meet with Ishan tomorrow to get more details on the code.



By myselfpsl90

Rappture Deadlines with Ishan

I met with Ishan today, as he is going for one-week conference and take one week off for vacation.

He created a google doc

Rappture Deadlines with Siew La

6/19 : New code with improved contact detection algorithm. Siew La will implement that into her existing structure of the code.

6/22 : Siew La will have to demonstrate the new code which is superfast and hopefully the visualization too.

7/2 : Ishan will implement the energy tolerance for reverse expansion of the system towards jamming point. Ishan will also implement the correct pressure computation, radial distribution function and hopefully van der Waals model. SIew La should also look at trying out polydisperse cases.

Meanwhile we should be working on looking for cad export (only if it is easy to do).

Tomorrow I will be having meeting with Rappture team and hopefully my 3D plotting stuff can be successfully implemented by this coming Friday.


By myselfpsl90

Week 4 Update (June 11 to 15)

*The tool didn’t get any updates since then. Waiting for the 3D plotting to work from the Rappture Team

June 11 (Monday)

-Professional Development Seminar

-Interviewed Professor

-Update Professor about my project and current stage of the tool. (*Glad he was satisfied and happy with my progress)

*I managed to have a complete GUI layout for the tool

*Managed to get the code working on Rappture

*Success to have different radii of spherical particles in one cube.

*Now working on the radii input file..

-Ishan gave me a list of tasks to complete. (More to do some online Research)

June 12 (Tuesday) to June 15(Friday)

-spent most of my times at home doing research.

*export stimulation to CAD files

*Matlab executable files

*text files that might work on third party 3D plotting tool/software

June 13 (Wednesday)

-Went for a research seminar

**Didn’t do much this week as I was busy with first week of online class, i’m taking one online class, technical writing.


By myselfpsl90

Week 3 Meeting with Ishan

I met Ishan twice this week.

First time to get some advice from him to make the Matlab codes work more efficiently.

Basically, Ishan used .txt files for the input. 

I modified the code to get rid of the confusions of the .txt files.

I used about 2 hours to get the code done without any .txt files.

I felt so good.

The second meeting was to show him what I had been doing this week.

Basically I just show him the Rappture Platform I built as well as the code I modified.

Week 4 assignment is given. Ishan requested me to work on different output from code not just the 3D plotting.

More and more function files have been sent to me and I will have to figure it out how to display it in Rappture as well as understand the concepts behind it.

Besides, I will be meeting the professor this coming Monday as he just got back from vacations. Hope I will have something to show him that day.


Siew La

By myselfpsl90

Meeting with Rappture Co-creaters

I had 45 Minutes meeting with George and Derrick.

Basically, we discussed about what I would like to come out with the tool I’m creating this summer.

As the results of the discussion, a few discussions can be drawn.

1) 3D plotting in Rappture haven’t not fully implemented.

2) There is no support for subplots.

3) The rappture team will start to implement 3D plotting for spheres through Matlab code in Rappture with the data files I have through my program.

George asked me to provide him with the data files having the X, Y, Z, size and color text files to him.

I used up to 3 hours to find the suitable color for different radii.

This is the output of what I hope Rappture is able to display.



By myselfpsl90