Meeting with Ishan (Functions File and First few Assignment)

Today I had a meeting with Ishan, my graduate mentor. He explained to me the function used in the Matlab file and assigned a few assignment for me to do in order to have a better understanding of what i will be doing over the summer.

Basically my project will be jamming of sphere: repulsive interaction.

My GUI will be require 3 inputs from users: N, phi, R.

N: Number of Particles

Phi: Volume Ratios

R: Radius.

My output will be 3D particles plotting.

This  is the basic GUI, it will be more and more complicated.

My first assignment will be creating the Gaussian Distribution for different radius of the particles.

And also do a better graphical representation of the particles in a cube.

Besides, I will learn about MEX compiler in Matlab.

Ishan requested me to try to have basic GUI using Rappture. I hope  it can be done but Rappture have problem with 3D plotting, I hope I won’t have problem of uploading the code in matlab to rappture.

Now I am running the basic code and it takes hours to be done.


Siew La

By myselfpsl90

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