Rappture 3 days Bootcamp

After orientation on Monday, the following 3 days, I had Rappture boot-camp from 9 to 5.

From the Boot-camp, I learned how to code in Nanohub workspace and most importantly about Rappture toolkit.

Basically for my summer project, I will be using Rappture toolkit to create a tool called Jamming of Particle.

I learned about the facts Rappture is an open source and it’s widely used by Nanohub and HubZero. The talk was conducted by the Rappture creators and co-creators. I learned a lot through the bootcamp.

Basically, it’s a GUI, like one in Matlab but it’s easier to understand compared to GUI in Matlab.

However, I guess I would have difficultly of uploading Matlab code on it as though it support Matlab code but all the code must be modified to .xml file.

Besides Rappture, I had been explored to Fotran, C, basic python, Matlab, Tcl etc.. I learned some of those before but it did help me to refresh my memory on the programming.

Hopefully, my programming skill will be improved through this summer project. I do love programming but I’m slow learner. I hope SURF will help me to increase my speed to program better.



Siew La

By myselfpsl90

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