Research Information Tools Workshop

Date : 29 May 2012

Time : 8.30 to 11.30

The only thing I find useful from this workshop is I learned more about Google scholars and EndNote.

For those haven’t heard of Google scholars, it’s a subset of Google for a better search for articles.

In the other hand, EndNote is a great tool of citation, you can export the citation directly into Word and change the format of the citation like from MLA to APA, etc.. etc…

More about the workshop is the common thing like plagiarism. Citations are very important. blah… blah… blah…

Besides, I also have been exposed to various kind of great online citation tool expect EndNote.

Moreover, the draft for my scientific poster is drafted out.

Basically, I’m still very vague of what I will be presenting towards the end of my research. It will be just an online tool created by Rappture. I will be responsible for coding in Rappture.

All the technical writing materials have been refreshed today such as paraphrasing.

It’s so boring topic to be taught and heard yet it have been repeated from times to times.



By myselfpsl90

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