Week 3 Meeting with Ishan

I met Ishan twice this week.

First time to get some advice from him to make the Matlab codes work more efficiently.

Basically, Ishan used .txt files for the input. 

I modified the code to get rid of the confusions of the .txt files.

I used about 2 hours to get the code done without any .txt files.

I felt so good.

The second meeting was to show him what I had been doing this week.

Basically I just show him the Rappture Platform I built as well as the code I modified.

Week 4 assignment is given. Ishan requested me to work on different output from code not just the 3D plotting.

More and more function files have been sent to me and I will have to figure it out how to display it in Rappture as well as understand the concepts behind it.

Besides, I will be meeting the professor this coming Monday as he just got back from vacations. Hope I will have something to show him that day.


Siew La

By myselfpsl90

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