Week 4 Update (June 11 to 15)

*The tool didn’t get any updates since then. Waiting for the 3D plotting to work from the Rappture Team

June 11 (Monday)

-Professional Development Seminar

-Interviewed Professor

-Update Professor about my project and current stage of the tool. (*Glad he was satisfied and happy with my progress)

*I managed to have a complete GUI layout for the tool

*Managed to get the code working on Rappture

*Success to have different radii of spherical particles in one cube.

*Now working on the radii input file..

-Ishan gave me a list of tasks to complete. (More to do some online Research)

June 12 (Tuesday) to June 15(Friday)

-spent most of my times at home doing research.

*export stimulation to CAD files

*Matlab executable files

*text files that might work on third party 3D plotting tool/software

June 13 (Wednesday)

-Went for a research seminar

**Didn’t do much this week as I was busy with first week of online class, i’m taking one online class, technical writing.


By myselfpsl90

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