Rappture Deadlines with Ishan

I met with Ishan today, as he is going for one-week conference and take one week off for vacation.

He created a google doc

Rappture Deadlines with Siew La

6/19 : New code with improved contact detection algorithm. Siew La will implement that into her existing structure of the code.

6/22 : Siew La will have to demonstrate the new code which is superfast and hopefully the visualization too.

7/2 : Ishan will implement the energy tolerance for reverse expansion of the system towards jamming point. Ishan will also implement the correct pressure computation, radial distribution function and hopefully van der Waals model. SIew La should also look at trying out polydisperse cases.

Meanwhile we should be working on looking for cad export (only if it is easy to do).

Tomorrow I will be having meeting with Rappture team and hopefully my 3D plotting stuff can be successfully implemented by this coming Friday.


By myselfpsl90

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