Tuesday Update Week 5

Monday, basically this is a recap on using Rappture toolkit.

I met with George again to get the update on the 3D plotting and makefile.

He promised to get back to me as soon as possible.


I met with Ishan again to get the update code, basically the code is running on linux platform but not on windows platform.

Back to home i install Ubuntu 12.04 using Wubi.

I customize my Ubuntu by doing 25 things to do after installing Ubuntu 12.04.

First I used Ubuntu desktop environment and I install R2012a Matlab but I tried some many configurations, up to 1 day. I didn’t stop working on making it working. But i failed. I read online, change it through terminal, as i am quite new to linux platform, i guess i just messed up the platform.

On the second day (Thursday), i uninstall the Ubuntu, try to read more online. Find example.

Finally i decided to install R2011a on Xubuntu desktop environment.

Xubuntu run way smoother than ubuntu. I didn’t customize a lot like i did for Ubuntu, just install flash player and install xfce.

Then i downloaded Matlab R2011a.

The progress went smoothly.

Below are the steps i took to install the Matlab R2011a

i) i mount the image file of matlab using the mount availability in 12.04.

ii) i follow the steps for documentation for matlab and ubuntu


except for gcc

I tried to install gcc-4.3 but not package installation.

FYI, the version installed in Xubuntu is 4.7.

Thus, i install gcc-4.4

and Replace all text in .sh to 4.4.

I regret of doing that. I should have just Replace the text with .sh 4.7 instead of doing all the configuration. It should work as well.

Installing, testing, configuring, etc, those took my beauty sleep.

I think I’m still a newbie in linux system. Learning from mistakes is a learning process.

I guess i would be able to install R2012a as well, but downloading those 5gbs file take a long time. Maybe in the future i will do that.

Besides, i succeeded in creating custom icons for it as well. Hooray!

My conclusion of Linux platform is it is like Rooted Android Platform and Windows is like IOS.

In addition, i have the chance to update the code while waiting the download to complete through nanohub website which is a pain.

The codes go on infinite looping which i dunno why. i will meet with Ishan tomorrow to get more details on the code.



By myselfpsl90

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