Week 9 Update

Last Week, the most proactive week.

What I did?

1) Managed to get bi-disperse and poly-disperse 3D plotting worked.

2) Update GUI with more useful input and output.

3) Create a logo for my program

Pictures say a thousand words.

Let’s see

GUI Update

By myselfpsl90

3D plotting Working

Finally, 3D plotting is working on my GUI!

So Happy!!!

Able to generate A lot of particles, tested with 1000 particles, the stimulation take up to 15 minutes only! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!

By myselfpsl90

Latest Basic GUI

This is the latest GUI i created using enable function.

Basically when using choice type of system, the box for type of sytem will match with the users’ choice.


By myselfpsl90

Week 7

Keep emailing the Rappture Team.

However, i got no replies at all, maybe they are too busy with the summer project.

My graduate mentor is on vacation.

I keep working on enable function, got it done.

Now waiting for 3D plotting stuff only.

By myselfpsl90