Some Pictures

This is the basic GUI on rappture that is working right now. The result is an image.

I create this basic Rappture tool just to test out the code i modified is running well.

I have more output i would like to display in the future and the result will be 3D in the future.


This is the more complicated Rappture platform that have more user inputs.

I will get it done as soon as I can have 3D on it.

More enhancement will be made on the visual.


By myselfpsl90

Matlab flags

There is a lot that I don’t know.

Flags is one of the thing I have no ideas. Glad the rappture team taught me about this.

Now my output can be display as image, will try to get it done to be 3D.

I will be meeting one of the rappture creator tomorrow, he promised to teach me about 3D plotting in rappture as well as figuring out how to fix the flags in rappture.

By myselfpsl90

Update from Week 2

I work on implement the code into Rappture. 

I faced difficulty to implement the 3D plot into Rappture.

I contacted Rappture team and had been informed that the Rappture can’t display Matlab code directly. 

Besides, I need 4 subplots and this is impossible to implement through Rappture. 

The alternative have been suggested but I still waiting for the reply to get it done. I try to play around but still fail to implement it. I hope it can be solved soon. 


By myselfpsl90

Research Information Tools Workshop

Date : 29 May 2012

Time : 8.30 to 11.30

The only thing I find useful from this workshop is I learned more about Google scholars and EndNote.

For those haven’t heard of Google scholars, it’s a subset of Google for a better search for articles.

In the other hand, EndNote is a great tool of citation, you can export the citation directly into Word and change the format of the citation like from MLA to APA, etc.. etc…

More about the workshop is the common thing like plagiarism. Citations are very important. blah… blah… blah…

Besides, I also have been exposed to various kind of great online citation tool expect EndNote.

Moreover, the draft for my scientific poster is drafted out.

Basically, I’m still very vague of what I will be presenting towards the end of my research. It will be just an online tool created by Rappture. I will be responsible for coding in Rappture.

All the technical writing materials have been refreshed today such as paraphrasing.

It’s so boring topic to be taught and heard yet it have been repeated from times to times.



By myselfpsl90

Meeting with Ishan (Functions File and First few Assignment)

Today I had a meeting with Ishan, my graduate mentor. He explained to me the function used in the Matlab file and assigned a few assignment for me to do in order to have a better understanding of what i will be doing over the summer.

Basically my project will be jamming of sphere: repulsive interaction.

My GUI will be require 3 inputs from users: N, phi, R.

N: Number of Particles

Phi: Volume Ratios

R: Radius.

My output will be 3D particles plotting.

This  is the basic GUI, it will be more and more complicated.

My first assignment will be creating the Gaussian Distribution for different radius of the particles.

And also do a better graphical representation of the particles in a cube.

Besides, I will learn about MEX compiler in Matlab.

Ishan requested me to try to have basic GUI using Rappture. I hope  it can be done but Rappture have problem with 3D plotting, I hope I won’t have problem of uploading the code in matlab to rappture.

Now I am running the basic code and it takes hours to be done.


Siew La

By myselfpsl90

Rappture 3 days Bootcamp

After orientation on Monday, the following 3 days, I had Rappture boot-camp from 9 to 5.

From the Boot-camp, I learned how to code in Nanohub workspace and most importantly about Rappture toolkit.

Basically for my summer project, I will be using Rappture toolkit to create a tool called Jamming of Particle.

I learned about the facts Rappture is an open source and it’s widely used by Nanohub and HubZero. The talk was conducted by the Rappture creators and co-creators. I learned a lot through the bootcamp.

Basically, it’s a GUI, like one in Matlab but it’s easier to understand compared to GUI in Matlab.

However, I guess I would have difficultly of uploading Matlab code on it as though it support Matlab code but all the code must be modified to .xml file.

Besides Rappture, I had been explored to Fotran, C, basic python, Matlab, Tcl etc.. I learned some of those before but it did help me to refresh my memory on the programming.

Hopefully, my programming skill will be improved through this summer project. I do love programming but I’m slow learner. I hope SURF will help me to increase my speed to program better.



Siew La

By myselfpsl90

Orientation and Office

I had the orientation last Monday.

It was a huge crowd and I got into the biggest team of SURF, Nanohub.

My office is based in Discovery Park.

I have my own desk, lockers and desktop. 

Basically, it will be open space office or cubicle type. 

Make a few new friend and been introduced to NCN team members. 

Now, I am having 3 days Rappture Bootcamp. I will post more about it after tomorrow. There are a lot of assignments and modules need to be done by June 1 yet I haven’t started yet. I will do it over the weekend. 


Siew La

By myselfpsl90

Meetings before Official starting date

Date : 05/14/2012 (Monday) and 05/15/2012(Tuesday)

Venue : Birck Nanotechnology Center

I met with Prof Tim Fisher and the graduate student, Ishan at Birck on Monday. It took place in Prof Tim’s office.

I had been briefly introduced to what actually I would be doing for the whole summer. It sounded cool and I decided to keep track on myself with this blog.

My task : Utilize an online tool called ‘Rappture’ to create an online user-friendly interference previously using a Matlab code.

First concept learned: It’s about the ‘jamming’ of the particles.

Ishan then spent about 1.5 hours explaining the code and basic concept of jamming to me on Tuesday. I really appreciate his dedication on me understand the concepts below the code.

Tasks to be done before the official starting day.

1) Read through the papers given by Prof and Ishan.

2) Go through the codes

3) List down what will be the problems running the code online like time-consuming.

Basically, the code will take 10 minutes to complete for 100 particles. My task is to minimize the time to generate the code as well as display the desire results in term of graphics like motion.

Besides, I will be learning nano solar particles as well after I done with the main task.

It’s lots to learn! Can’t wait for it.



Siew La



By myselfpsl90