Meetings before Official starting date

Date : 05/14/2012 (Monday) and 05/15/2012(Tuesday)

Venue : Birck Nanotechnology Center

I met with Prof Tim Fisher and the graduate student, Ishan at Birck on Monday. It took place in Prof Tim’s office.

I had been briefly introduced to what actually I would be doing for the whole summer. It sounded cool and I decided to keep track on myself with this blog.

My task : Utilize an online tool called ‘Rappture’ to create an online user-friendly interference previously using a Matlab code.

First concept learned: It’s about the ‘jamming’ of the particles.

Ishan then spent about 1.5 hours explaining the code and basic concept of jamming to me on Tuesday. I really appreciate his dedication on me understand the concepts below the code.

Tasks to be done before the official starting day.

1) Read through the papers given by Prof and Ishan.

2) Go through the codes

3) List down what will be the problems running the code online like time-consuming.

Basically, the code will take 10 minutes to complete for 100 particles. My task is to minimize the time to generate the code as well as display the desire results in term of graphics like motion.

Besides, I will be learning nano solar particles as well after I done with the main task.

It’s lots to learn! Can’t wait for it.



Siew La



By myselfpsl90

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